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What is a Peerio Account Key?

Peerio encrypts your messages and files with an eight-word Account Key that is randomly generated by your device when you sign up. Your Account Key is never sent over the internet or to Peerio's server, so it's very important to keep it safe by writing it down in a secure location or using a password manager.

Entering eight words every time you want to log in can be a hassle, especially on a touchscreen! On iOS and Android Peerio stays signed in until you tap the Sign out option in Settings.


You can find your Account Key on a device you're already signed into under Settings > Security > Show Account Key.






When you sign up for Peerio or use your account on a new Mac or Windows computer, Peerio will ask if you want to enable automatic sign-in. Turn this on to sign in without being prompted for your Account Key. Turn it off on shared computers.


Automatic sign-in is disabled when you sign out of your account. You can also turn it off in the Security section of Peerio's settings. 


To view your Account Key on a computer click on your avatar in the top left corner of Peerio and select Security from the menu. If you added a photo to your profile the avatar will be the initial of your first name.



Click the eye icon to reveal the Account Key.


Clicking on Save Account Key generates a PDF with your Account Key that you can save on your computer then print out to keep safe.

Find out where to save your Account Key safely.

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