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How do I view a Peerio Ghost?

When you receive a Peerio Ghost you'll have a link to view the message you received. Open the link to get started. The page will show you who sent you the Ghost. To verify their identity using their public key, place your mouse over (or tap) the blue key icon  next to their name.

To see the message and any included attachments you'll need the passphrase for the Ghost. If the sender hasn't already given you the passphrase, contact them for it. For the greatest security, the passphrase should not be sent by the same method (such as email) as the link to the Ghost.

Enter the passphrase and click (or tap) decrypt.

Don't forget that Ghosts will expire after a maximum of 7 days!

Peerio Ghosts can be viewed on the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. Note that due to a bug in Safari, filenames will be lost when downloading attachments.

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