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How do I install Peerio to a USB thumbdrive?

The Peerio apps for Windows and Mac are fully portable and can easily be installed to a USB thumbdrive. Installing these clients to a USB storage device lets you carry Peerio with you and boot it from the drive.

Although Peerio's Chrome Web App lets you access your Peerio account simply by signing into your Google account and loading your apps, portable versions of Peerio can be useful when working from locations that do not have Chrome and do not let you install new software to their devices, such as libraries, internet cafes, or offices.

On Mac OSX:

  1. To install the Peerio for Mac app on a USB drive, you must first download the Mac client zip file (click to download).
  2. Move the "peerio-mac" .zip file from its downloaded location to your USB drive.

  3. Once on the USB drive, double click the zip file to expand the file and begin installation.

  4. That's it! You've successfully installed Peerio for Mac on your USB drive.


On Windows

  1. To install the Peerio for Windows app on a USB drive, you must first download Peerio for Windows.

  2. Double click the "peerio-win.msi" file you have downloaded to begin installation

  3. Allow the program to make changes to your computer by clicking "yes"

  4. Continue to follow the installation guidelines until you arrive at the "Select Application Folder" step. Here, you will want to click the "Browse..." button and select your USB Drive as the destination folder.

  5. You should see the destination folder changed to your USB drive with a folder called "Technologies Peerio Inc.\Peerio".

  6. Continue to follow the installation instructions, Peerio will then install to your USB drive

  7. Open your USB drive and find the folder "Technologies Peerio Inc". Open this folder, then open the "Peerio" folder inside it.

  8. You will find the application "peerio.exe".

  9. You have successfully installed Peerio to your USB drive! You can now double click "peerio.exe" to launch Peerio. You may wish to move this file to the top layer of your USB drive for easier access in the future. 
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