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How do I sign up for a Peerio account?


Get Peerio for Android and iOS
To get started with Peerio, you will first need to download Peerio. 


Once Peerio opens tap "Sign Up"

Now you can select your username as well as your display names. Peerio has no "real names" policy, and display names can be used however you like or left blank. Your display names can be changed at anytime, but your username cannot — so pick carefully! Tap "Continue"

Peerio will generate a passphrase for you. You can select the language of the phrase and the number of words. If you want a different phrase tap "I don't like this passphrase" to generate a new one.

Tap "I'll remember my passphrase to continue".

You will be asked to confirm your passphrase. When you've entered the correct phrase tap "Create my account" to continue.

This will log you in to your account and you'll be asked a few short questions to set everything up. If you prefer to do this later you can tap "Maybe later".

First, you can register an email address or phone number. Registering alternative contact information helps your contacts find you on Peerio, helps you receive notifications, and enables additional support options. Enter your address and tap add. You will be sent a confirmation code to verify your address.


If you received an invite email from a friend and you register that email with your account you will receive a contact request in Peerio from the person who invited you.

If you have a TouchID capable device, you can enable TouchID login.

Next you can import your phone contacts to find friends already on Peerio.

Finally, you will be presented with an option to can help improve Peerio by sharing anonymous and non-content usage data. This information helps us improve everything from menu layouts to passphrase generation mechanisms.

Find out more about Peerio's privacy policy.

You can now approve the request from the person that invited you if you had one and begin chatting.


Get Peerio for Chrome, Windows, or Mac:
To get started with Peerio, you will first need to download Peerio. Peerio is available for:

  • Chrome (click to go to Chrome Web Store)
  • Windows (click to download)
  • Mac (click to download)

If you download Peerio for Windows or Mac, verify the authenticity of your download by looking for our code signature.

Setting up Peerio for Chrome
Install Peerio for Chrome here. After Peerio for Chrome is installed, you will be able to find Peerio by clicking "apps" below the "back" button in your Chrome browser. 

In the apps folder you will find the Peerio icon. Simply click the icon to launch Peerio.

You may find it convenient to add Peerio to your desktop or another folder. You can do this by right-clicking the Peerio icon in Chrome and selecting "Create Shortcut..."


Setting up Peerio for Windows
After downloading Peerio for windows, verify the authenticity of your download.

  1. Right-click the file (peerio-win.msi) and click "properties"
  2. Select "digital signatures"
  3. Make sure you see "Technologies Peerio Inc." in the "signer information" 

After verifying, double click the file (peerio-win.msi) and follow the installation instructions. You will be asked if you would like to create shortcuts on the desktop and the start menu. You can double-click these shortcuts to launch Peerio.

Setting up Peerio for Mac 

After downloading Peerio for Mac, double click the file ( to install the Peerio. You will find Peerio in your "Applications". Double click to launch Peerio.

After installing, verify the authenticity of your download.

  1. Open "Finder" -> "Applications" -> "Utilities"
  2. Double click "Terminal"
  3. Enter the following text and press enter: codesign -dvvv /Applications/
  4. In the output, make sure you see "Authority=Developer ID Application: Technologies Peerio Inc."


Sign up for a new account:
Once you have launched the Peerio application, you will be able to sign up for a new account.

Click Sign up on the left-hand side of the Peerio window:


Enter your basic information.

Get your passphrase.

Peerio will generate a passphrase for you. You can select which language and how many words you would like to use. The minimum five-word passphrase is estimated to cost over a billion dollars to brute-force, and ensures a strong baseline of security for you and all your contacts. 



Remember this passphrase.

We recommend storing your passphrase somewhere secure

If you forget your passphrase, you will permanently lose access to your account. Peerio will verify your passphrase selection and ask you to enter it again:



Confirm your account.

Peerio will send an 8-digit confirmation code to the email or SMS-enabled phone you provided. Enter the code in Peerio to confirm your account. As a security measure, confirmation codes expire in 10-minutes. Be sure to enter your code within this time.

Set a passcode.

Once you confirm your account, you have the option of setting a shorter passcode for accessing Peerio on the device you are using. You can skip this step, and set a passcode later.



Enjoy your new Peerio account!

And that's it! You now have a Peerio account! To learn how to send messages and files, or add contacts, see our "How to use Peerio" help section.

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