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Peer review is critical for establishing a software's stability, and security. Having more eyes on a project encourages the development of new features and creative solutions that help bring our end-users an efficient, secure, and pleasurable user-experience.

Peerio is open-source, meaning we make our code public and available for anyone to review and comment upon. Open peer review is a promise of transparency, to let our users, co-developers, and the community review Peerio and ensure that it does what it claims to do.

Not everyone is a professional cryptographer though (what a world, eh?). That's why Peerio worked with Cure53's team of expert cryptographers to conduct a third party penetration test and a full audit of Peerio's code to verify its security. 

Technology evolves quickly though, which is why Peerio undergoes an independent third-party security audit annually and when there are major updates to ensure its security features keep up with new threats and technologies.

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