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A secure ecosystem.

Peerio lets you communicate with other Peerio users easily and securely. In order to ensure the highest level of security, Peerio and its encryption technology operates in a secure ecosystem. What this means is that Peerio messages are encrypted and decrypted only within the Peerio app and are only shared across Peerio servers.

Peerio stands by the security of its own systems, but it can't guarantee the security of other networks. For example, if you were able to send an encrypted message from Peerio and it could be decrypted on another social media website that can view your data, you have not been given any privacy by encrypting your data. Your messages and files are still unprotected on that other network. That data can be mined and collected by the company itself, the companies they sell your data to, or by attackers that see that network (or your contact) as a target. This sort of one-sided protection would create a false sense of security, and lead to potentially riskier communications due to a perceived sense of security.

With its own ecosystem, Peerio is able to ensure that all your messages, files, and searches in Peerio are encrypted end-to-end. You don't have to wonder if your contact is using a secure program, you know it.

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    karl hedderich

    As peerio is opensource will you allow federation of servers? Will peerio eventually become like email in the sense that it is federated?

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