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How do I control notifications?

Peerio notifies you in different ways that you have new activity in your account. These notifications include emails, push notifications on mobile devices, desktop notifications on computers and sounds. You can turn them on or off to suit your needs.


By default, Peerio will send you an email if you receive a new message when you're not signed in to your account or if the mobile app is not open. You will only get one email for the first new message since the last time you signed in. If you have more than one email address associated, only the primary email will be used.

To disable these emails, click on the unsubscribe link at the end of the email.


You can also turn them off or back on from Peerio's settings. All notification related settings are in the Preferences section of Peerio's settings on both the mobile and desktop version of the app.


When you first install or launch Peerio it will ask for permission to send you push notifications. To turn them off use the built-in options for iOS or Android. Keep in mind that you will only get push notifications if you are not currently signed in on a computer. Peerio will not send a new notification if less than two minutes have passed since the last one so an ongoing conversation doesn't bombard your phone.

To control the sounds that play when you receive a new message while Peerio is open, simply enable to mute switch on iOS or mute your device on Android. 


The desktop version of Peerio can only send you notifications when you're signed in. You won't receive notifications if the app is closed. Sounds can be played for all messages or only for mentions and direct messages. Mentions are when someone "mentions" you by using the @ symbol before your username. For example @alicesparks. 

Desktop notifications are displayed in the Action Center on Windows 10 or the Notification Center in macOS 10.8 or later. Unlike sounds, they will only show if the Peerio isn't active (or "focused"). These work the same way as sounds, you can turn them on for all messages or only mentions and direct messages.




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