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How do I set, change, or remove my passcode?

In addition to your passphrase, you can choose a shorter passcode that allows for quicker logins on a trusted device. Each passcode is device-specific, so if you set one on your phone, it will not work on your laptop. 


You can set a device's passcode by tapping the menu button  at the top left of the app then tapping "Set passcode". 


On the next screen enter the passcode you would like to use then tap "Set Device Passcode".


Your passcode must be 6 digits and can't be simple patterns like 123456 or 222222. 


If you decide you don't want to use a passcode you can remove an existing passcode by tapping the menu button  then tapping "Remove Passcode". Tap the red "Remove Passcode" button.


Tap OK to confirm. 


To change your passcode, first remove your existing passcode then set a new one.


You can set or change a device's passcode by hovering over your name in the bottom left-hand corner of the Peerio window and clicking "Preferences"


The preferences page will pop-up. At the bottom of the page, enter the passcode you would like to use and click "Set Passcode". A notification that says "Peerio Passcode Updated" will appear once you have successfully saved your changes.


If you decide that you want to only allow a device to login with your passphrase, you can remove a passcode by clicking the red box with an "X" next to "Set Passcode"

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