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How do I transfer my existing account to Peerio 2?

If you already have a Peerio account, you can sign in to Peerio 2 with your existing username and Master Password (a.k.a passphrase). In Peerio 2 you must enter your Master Password, not your password or PIN. Here's how to find your Master Password.


1. Sign in to the legacy Peerio app.


2. Tap Security in the menu on the left hand side.


3. Tap Show Master Password. You will be asked to confirm your PIN.


You can long tap the Master Password to copy it to the clipboard. 



1. Sign in to the legacy Peerio app using your password.



2. Click on Preferences in the menu on the lower left side.



3. Enter your password in the field on the lower left side and click unlock.



4. Click the Show Master Password link on the right side.


You can select the Master Password and right click to copy it to the clipboard.



Things to keep in mind

In Peerio 2, the Master Password is now called the Account Key.

Peerio 2 does not have a PIN or Password option. Make sure you write down your Account Key (or Master Password) somewhere safe, you will need it when signing in to a new device.

Note that Peerio 2 is a brand new app and is not compatible with the legacy version of Peerio. You will only be able to message contacts who have also transferred their usernames to Peerio 2. Your existing messages and files will be available in the legacy version of Peerio until December 31, 2017. Make sure to download any important files before that date, they will be irreversibly erased when the old version closes.

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